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Schlumberger (Singapore) Group Sets up Order Class with Our College
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On the morning of may 14, Mr. Lim Beng Hock, General Manager of Cameron-Schlumberger production department under Schlumberger group and Ms. Cindy, personnel department manager, together with five colleagues, visited our college to discuss the formation procedure, post-management and pre-employment training of the "Cameron-Schlumberger order class" and future cooperation.  Zhang Yongliang, vice president of our college, and the Dean of the Department of Electromechanical Engineering met Schlumberger and his delegation and held a meeting.    

Later, the visiting guests visited the vehicle engineering training center, mechanical processing training center, industrial robot training center and other experimental training places, expressing their intention to deepen school-enterprise cooperation.    

In the afternoon, the delegation conducted a written examination and interview for 28 students who had applied for the "Cameron-Schlumberger Order Class" in the early stage. In the end, 17 students were admitted to the "Order Class". The admitted students came from mechanical manufacturing and automation, mechanical and electrical integration, automobile inspection and maintenance and other majors of the department. The company will provide classified training to the admitted students according to positions such as numerical control, quality inspection and assembly.    

In recent years, the Department of Electromechanical Engineering has attached great importance to the overseas employment of students, encouraging  graduates to work in Singapore, and continuously improved the employment quality of graduates. According to statistics, the number of graduates working in Singapore has reached more than 80, distributed in Singapore's oil, electronics, machinery, airport services and other fields.  Rich salary, good living environment and advanced manufacturing technology enable graduates to upgrade their professional skills, broaden their international vision, enrich their life experience, establish an open mind and lay a good foundation for their career.    

Schlumberger Group is the world's largest oil field technology service company and the world's leading manufacturer of oil and natural gas pressure control equipment. It is mainly engaged in oil field service and seismic data acquisition and processing. Its headquarters are located in new york, Paris and The Hague. It has branches in more than 100 countries and is one of the world's top 500 enterprises.  In 2015, Schlumberger Group acquired Cameron International Corporation, an oil field equipment manufacturer, with a total acquisition volume of about US$ 14.8 billion. The successful Schlumberger Group has become the world's leading oil and service enterprise.    




The students are waiting for a written interview.    



Singapore Guests Visit Training Center  

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