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Representatives of Tajikistan National Chamber of Commerce and Industry visit the college
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On the afternoon of October 23rd, Mr. Atazhanov Firdavs Farkhodovich, Director of the Shaanxi Office of the State Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tajikistan, was entrusted by the Embassy of the Republic of Tajikistan in China to visit our college. President Wang Zhousuo and Vice President Zhang Di received him at South Campus.


At the meeting, President Wang welcomed Atazhanov Firdavs Farkhodovich and briefly introduced our college. He said that Tajikistan is an important neighbor of China, one of the first countries to participate in the "the belt and road" initiative and an important member of the SCO. As a co-construction unit of the SCO training and demonstration base for agricultural technology exchange , our college is willing to cooperate with Tajikistan in the following three aspects: First, give full play to the advantages of majors and talents, carry out education and training and technology promotion for arid and semi-arid modern agriculture in Tajikistan, and provide technical and talent support in the promotion of improved varieties, facility agriculture, water-saving irrigation, soil and water conservation, etc.; The second is to recruit outstanding students from Tajikistan to study modern agricultural technology and provide them with international student scholarships; Third, Carry out international exchanges and cooperation in various aspects, such as on-site technical guidance, exchange of experts to visit college, holding academic conferences, setting up overseas branch school, etc. It is hoped to promote the friendly development of China and Tajikistan through the cooperate.


Entrusted by the Embassy of the Republic of Tajikistan in China, Mr. Atazhanov Firdavs Farkhodovich expressed his heartfelt thanks to our college’s intention to support and assist the agricultural development in Tajikistan. He said that China has many advanced technologies, achievements and equipment in the agricultural field, and Tajikistan is very interested in cooperating with China in the agricultural field, especially in wheat, corn and other food crops. At the same time, Tajikistan attaches great importance to the development of China-Tajikistan relations, and will continue to deeply participate in the construction of the "the belt and road " initiative, actively carry out exchanges and cooperation with SCO countries, further strengthen the exchanges between China and Tajikistan, and deepen friendly relations between China and Tajikistan. It is hoped that this visit will further strengthen the cooperation between Tajikistan and China's agriculture-related colleges, and help Tajikistan improve its agricultural development level through China's advanced agricultural technology.




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