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Ambassador of the Republic of Uzbekistan to China visits the college
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On the afternoon of October 22nd, Bakhtiyar Saidov, Ambassador of Uzbekistan to China, and his delegation visited the college. Party Committee Secretary Chen Ning and President Wang Zhousuo received the Ambassador and his delegation at South Campus.


At the meeting, Chen Ning welcomed Bakhtiyor Saidov and his delegation. She pointed out that Uzbekistan is an important neighbor of China, one of the first countries to participate in the "the belt and road" initiative and an important member of the SCO. This year, Yangling government will cooperate with the Uzbek government to establish China-Kazakhstan Agricultural Innovation Park (hereinafter called Park). Our college would give full play to its professional and technical advantages, providing technical support for the Park. It is hoped that the ambassador's visit will enhance mutual understanding, promote cooperation and exchanges between Uzbekistan and our college in various aspects, especially in modern agricultural technology, speed up the construction of the Park, and contribute to the friendly development of China and Uzbekistan.


Wang Zhousuo briefly introduced the basic situation of our college to the ambassador and his delegation. He said that to cooperate with the two governments in the Park construction, our college is willing to cooperate with Uzbekistan in the following three aspects: First, establish a Modern Agricultural Technology Extension Base of our college in the Park, carry out education and technology extension of arid and semi-arid modern agricultural technology, and provide technical and talent support in the promotion of improved varieties, water-saving irrigation and soil and water conservation. The second is to send agricultural experts and teachers from college to carry out on-site technical guidance in the Park. The third is to train modern agricultural technical talents for Uzbekistan's Park. At the same time, our college is willing to carry out cultural and educational exchanges with Uzbekistan in various aspects, and welcomes teachers and students from relevant institutions in Uzbekistan to visit our college.


In his speech, Bakhtiyor Saidov first thanked our college for its warm reception. He said, China and Uzbekistan have a long history of friendly exchanges of 3,000 years. Xi 'an and Samarkand are sister cities. Both countries are big agricultural countries. Both Shaanxi and Uzbekistan are in arid and semi-arid areas, with similar climate and land. Uzbekistan ranks fourth in the world in cotton production, and produces and exports a large number of fruits and vegetables every year. Yangling's modern agricultural high-tech is the best in Shaanxi, so it is very necessary to cooperate in agriculture. He agreed the three cooperation aspects proposed by President Wang and hoped to cooperate extensively with our college in the exchange of teachers, the training of international students, agricultural technical guidance, and the joint construction of Park in the near future.



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