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Department of Bioengineering
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About the Department:

The Department has 1336 students, 44 faculties, including 5 professors and 18 associate professors, 1 teacher holding a Ukrainian Master’s Degree, 30 part-time teachers. 17 teachers have oversea training experience in Japan, Germany, Belgium, Australia and The Netherland.

The teaching equipment and assets are worth of 15mil Yuan. There are 34 labs and training rooms: Tissue culture production line, Food processing training center, Agricultural products quality inspection center, Biological technology training center, Ornamental horticulture training center, Agriculture, forestry and comprehensive practice training base. UNDP and VVOB aided Tissue culture production line and Food processing training center and newly built Agricultural products quality inspection center are leading in China.

Through collaboration with 100 enterprises the department has built 36 off-campus training bases and has received visits of delegations from Japan, US, Germany, Belgium, The Netherland, France over 50 times. Meanwhile many excellent students are sent to Japan, Bulgaria and Moldova for further studies.

In recent years the department’s graduates’ employment rate remains at 97%.



 Agricultural product processing and quality inspection

 Horticulture technology

 Green food production and inspection

 Food processing technology

 Agricultural biotechnology

 Food nutrition and testing

 Technology of plant protection and quarantine



Comprehensive analysis training area

Food processing area

horticultural plants greenhouse

Horticultural techniques training lab

Plant tissue cultivation production line

Agricultural biotechnology training area





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