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Department of Water Conservancy Engineering
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   The department of water conservancy engineering has 2500 students, 54 full-time teachers and 50 part-time teachers working in enterprise. Among the full-time teachers, there are 18 Professors and Associate Professors, 23 Lecturers, including 51 Doctors and Masters. 70% teachers have “double competency title” and certificates of “registered supervision engineer”, “project cost engineers” or “level 1 constructor”. To provide students with high quality experiment and training condition, the department builds several on-campus training centers: Construction Material Testing Training center, Project Design Training Center, Water Conservancy Project Construction Technology Training Center and Hydraulic Monitoring and Flow measurement and Control Training Center. Meanwhile the department co-builds 7 off-campus training bases with local hydropower bureaus. 



Water Resource Engineering

Construction supervision

Water conservancy and hydropower engineering

Safety technique and management

Water supply and drainage engineering technology  







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