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Interim Report Meeting held with International Students
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During the November 11th teaching week of the first semester of the 2018 - 2019 academic year, International Department launched teaching inspections based on the college's midterm teaching inspections plan.  All members of the International Department are involved  in the comprehensive inspection of the progress of teaching, teaching plans, teachers' work manuals, teachers' lectures and students' assignments.

On the basis of self-examination and self-inspection, the inspectors also went deep into the classroom, attended lectures on the spot, inspected the classroom on the spot and conducted key inspections on teaching security.  The result was released on Interim Report Meeting with foreign students on November 15.

At the beginning inspectors briefly introduced the purpose and significance of the meeting to international students and teachers present, which is to acquaint teachers with students’ need, learning and life status so far. In this way International Department would be able to optimize working arrangement and provide better assistance to students.

After that, the international students spoke up actively sharing their learning experience.

Feedback from students:

1 ) The contents of some classes are overlap.

 2 ) Increase tutorials of HSK test.

 3 ) Teaching in Russian/Require Russian interpretation.

The teachers of International Department listened carefully and wrote down the opinions, as the same time, answered some questions onsite.

  Through the dialogue, the gap between teachers and international students has been narrowed, meanwhile, it’s of great importance for the International Department to improve teaching methods and student work.







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