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Russia Kurst National University Visited the College
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On July 6th, 2018, Irina, the head of the International Department, Ms. Anna and other two teachers of Russia Kurst National University visited our college. The head of International Department have received these guests. 

Firstly, they went to west campus to visit the training rooms of Ecological and Environmental Engineering Department and "Garden Landscape Design and Construction" competition venue of 2018 National Vocational College Skills Competition (Higher Vocational Group). They also watched the “Landscape Design” award-winning works from students. Then, they visited the VBSE Enterprise Financial Simulation Comprehensive training center of Business and Trade Department in north campus. During the visit, the Russian guests highly praised the equipment of training facilities for a good model of Russian colleges.






After the visit, the guests and the head of International Department had a symposium, on which both sides introduced basic situation in their respective schools. After an in-depth discussion on the possibility of educational project cooperation, the two sides agreed to start from short-term student and teacher’s exchange and teacher’s training. In order to consolidate future cooperation, the two sides agreed to sign a cooperation framework agreement in the near future and will gradually carry out further cooperation.

In the end, both sides wish to maintain friendly communication, enhance relationship through joint projects and lay foundation for long term collaboration.

The cooperation between our college and Russian Kursk National University is a positive response to the national “One Belt, One Road” strategy. It makes some contributes to international cooperation in the field of vocational education between China and Russia. On the other side, the cooperation would promote the internationalization process of our college and improve level of international education.

The heads of the Ecological and Environmental Engineering Department and Business and Trade Department also participated in this reception.

(Translator: Bai Fengya)




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