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Infrastructure University, Malaysia delegation visited the college
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On May 12 Infrastructure University, Malaysia signed agreement with our college to launch educational cooperation on student exchange, teacher exchange and further education,  in this way, providing more bilingual professional talents and specialists for “One Belt One Road” project.

During the visit Deputy Vice Chancellor Dr. Christiantine Della, Dean Dr. Kong Wei and 3 other representatives visited the Construction training site and Construction division and section workshop. Later President Wang Zhousuo and Vice President Wang Xiaodi met the delegation, discussed cooperation issues and signed collaboration agreement.

In 2016 the Ministry of Education launchedPromotion Action of Co-constructing ‘One Belt One Road’ Education”  to impel Regional Education openness, communication and integration. As one of the first groups of national demonstration college, the college aims at  “One Belt One Road” project and launched a series of talents projects such as Civil Engineering International Class, Developing Countries Technology Training Seminar, Curriculum Introduction from the UK and the Netherland, be a member of Sydney Agreement applied higher vocational college alliance, progression program with Lincoln University, New Zealand, setting up “Northwest higher vocational educational development summit”, etc.

This collaboration with Infrastructure University is another solid step of our college towards the national leading college with broader international influence.

Agreement signing ceremony

Visiting simulation room of Civil Engineering

Discussion meeting

 (Translator: Qian Kun)




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