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Opening Ceremony of 2019 Academic Year Successfully Held
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On September 6th, the Opening Ceremony of 2019 Academic Year was successfully held at the track field in South Campus. Chen Ning, Party Secretary of the college attended the ceremony. Deputy Party SecretaryPresident of our college, Wang Zhousuo gave the opening speech. The ceremony was hosted by the Vice President, Zhang Di.  

In the speech, President Wang, on behalf of all faculties and students, expressed warm welcome to 7183 freshmen from all over the country and then gave a brief introduction about the college. Based on the current "Four-In-One" Talent Training Program, Wang brought up four requirements for the 2019 freshmen. Firstly, he hopes students to improve themselves comprehensively, develop a right view of life and values, improve moral character, willpower and perseverance and finally become a young man who is not afraid of any difficulties and brave to explore.  

The second is to master skills for future career. He proposed that students should value every class and training opportunity to practice and master key skills to become highly-skilled technical talents.  

Thirdlyhe suggested students to discover and develop their own interests through more than 100 student associations and educational theme activities. Students are encouraged to participate in all kinds of activities and strive to develop in an all-round way.  

Fourthly, Wang hopes students would raise innovative consciousness to become a pioneer in innovation and entrepreneurship. The college is providing students innovation and entrepreneurship education and career guidance.  

On the ceremony, Li Long, teacher of the Department of Animal Engineering, and Du Chunhui, freshman of the Department of Transportation and Surveying, made speeches. Ren Deyuan, Deputy Party Secretary of the Party Committee of the college; Liu Fenlian, Secretary of The Discipline Inspection Commission; heads of all other departments; student counselors and head teachers; all freshmen, in total more than 7000 people attended the ceremony.  








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