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Second round of modern agricultural technology course cooperation successfully completed
08-15     (点击: )

From August 10 to 14, the first training session of the second round of "Modern Agricultural Technology Course Cooperation"  was conducted online in the smart classroom of our college. Experts from Lentiz Education Group and 15 teachers from our Bioengineering Department and  International School attended the training.


Due to the epidemic situation, it was agreed by both sides that this training session should be conducted online, which is the very first trail of such international program. Before the start of the training, Marc de Ruiter, Zeng Li and Vincent and other staff and experts of Lentiz spare no efforts to make preparation and provide assistance for the online training.


During the 5-day training period, Dutch experts gave professional lectures on plant growth, transpiration and water transport, irrigation system, greenhouse technology, greenhouse fruit tree cultivation and pest control.


The successful completion of this online training provides a new way to promote the internationalization of relevant curriculum standards and contents. At the same time, it provides a platform for our teachers to broaden their international horizons and enhance their special skills.



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