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Department of Animal Engineering
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About the Department:

  The Department has 32 faculties, including 3 professors and 5 associate professors, 3 senior livestock engineers and senior veterinarian, 3 PhD. Teachers with over 6 years of experience account for 80%. 25 experts are from peer universities and industry.

  The department has built an integrated training area is for teaching, training, producing internship, professional skill testing and R&D. It includes 10 labs and training rooms, providing 4 functions: Basic skills training area, Animal disease monitoring (test) area, Animal breeding and embryo engineering practice area and Feed production and test room; 2 on-campus training bases: Animal husbandry comprehensive field and veterinary hospital. The construction area is 4455 m2. Equipment and assets are worth of 4mil Yuan.

  There has been 4000 graduates working in counterpart enterprises and institutes. 30 graduates are working in France, Germany and Japan and have become key employers in the industry. The department’s graduates’ employment rate remains at 98% and supply and demand ratio is close to 1︰3.



  Animal husbandry and veterinary

  Animal medicine

  Animal pharmacy

  Pet care and training guide

  Feed and animal nutrition








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