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Yangling Vocational and Technical College’s Kazakhstan Modern Agricultural Technology Training Center was Established
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In response to the National Belt and Road Initiative, the Yangling Vocational and Technical College has taken advantage of agricultural science and technology and talents to better serve the agricultural development of developing countries. On September 12, the Kazakhstan Modern Agricultural Technology Training Center in Turgeni, state Almaty, Kazakhstan, was established, and the dean of our college, Wang Zhousuo, and the general manager of Kazakhstan's Turgeni Integrated Agriculture Company, Keke Xembekova Fusuk, jointly unveiled the center.

Mi Guixiong, Consul-General of the Chinese Consulate General in Almaty, Mu Lin, Deputy Minister of Culture and Education of the Xi'an Representative Office of the Kazakhstan International Integration Foundation, Zhang Zhencang, Associate Dean of the department of Animal Engineering of Yangling Vocational and Technical College, and Associate Dean of the Bioengineering Branch Zheng Aiquan, Kazakhstan agronomist Kasnov, the head of the agricultural district of Turgeni, Yelinova, Pota Shelkovna, President of the University of Turgen, Zügengen, Kasembe, Kazakhstan Wa, Gu Libat, Buick Posunavna attended the opening ceremony.

At the ceremony, Wang Zhousuo and Rekshmbekova Fusukek introduced general information of the college, China's higher vocational and technical education and agricultural development, agricultural development in Kazakhstan and the agricultural development and training project in Turgeni. Wang Zhousuo said that the establishment of the Modern Agricultural Technology Training Center in Kazakhstan by the Yangling Vocational and Technical College of China is a beneficial practice to serve the National Belt and Road Initiative and explore innovative international cooperation models for modern agricultural vocational education. Based on this center, the both sides will continue to make efforts to expand international cooperation and exchanges.

Keksimbekova Fusuk said that China provides agricultural technology training and technical service projects for Kazakhstan, which will certainly improve and promote the technical level of agricultural personnel and agricultural development in Kazakhstan.

It is believed that after the establishment of this center will play a greater and broader role in improving the level of modern agriculture development in Central Asian countries.

Mi Guixiong delivered an important speech. He pointed out that Yangling Vocational and Technical College of China has a long history and is a comprehensive higher education college featuring agriculture, forestry, water and animal husbandry. It is very famous in China. Today, the establishment of the Modern Agricultural Technology Training Center in Kazakhstan is the college’s positive response and practice to National Belt and Road Initiative. The positive response and practice will definitely have a positive impact on the university's international exchanges, international cooperation, and enhance the international visibility of the college. It will also play a positive role in promoting the agricultural development of Kazakhstan and the improvement of the technical level of farmers. Relevant parties in Kazakhstan have taken this opportunity to strengthen close cooperation and continue to expand areas in future collaboration, so that China and Kazakhstan can achieve more results in agricultural technology education and training and project development.

At the inauguration ceremony, our college also signed a memorandum of educational cooperation with the integrated agricultural company of Kazakhstan.

According to the memorandum of cooperation, the college will provide a quota of international students for the International Integration Foundation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and both the Sino-Kazakh Modern Agricultural Demonstration Park and the Yangling Vocational and Technical College are the integrated agricultural companies and neighboring farmers in Kazakhstan. Provide agricultural-related technical training and technical guidance to the China-Kazakhstan Modern Agriculture Demonstration Park; the two sides actively create opportunities to encourage scholars to exchange and collaborative research, and jointly organize international conferences, seminars, symposiums and other projects.

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