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Department of Bioengineering holds Chinese traditional flower arrangement
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On the afternoon of November 12 the Horticultural Association of the Bioengineering Department held a Chinese traditional flower arrangement with the theme " Promoting Chinese traditional culture and enhancing exchanges between Chinese and international students" at the Agriculture and Forestry Training Center. More than 30 teachers and students, including the director of Department of Bioengineering, all foreign students and members of the Horticultural Association, were invited to participate in the event.

 During the event, Liu Ming, a flower instructor from the Horticultural Association, explained the history and current situation of Chinese traditional flower arrangement and demonstrated the techniques of traditional flower arrangement.  After an hour of practice, both international students and Chinese students completed their own works. Liu Ming made comments on everyone's works and affirmed that all works are creative and " originated from the heart and fit the nature".  At the end of the event, the department gave the students their flower arrangement works as gifts.

  Madiyar, vice monitor of the international student class, said: " We are all the first time make oriental flower arrangement. Everyone is very happy to participate in such a meaningful activity, which makes us feel the charm of Chinese traditional culture. It is really a great honor for us to experience the art of Chinese traditional flower arrangement. I hope to join in more similar activities in the future, learn more about Chinese traditional culture and communicate more with Chinese students. "

  Traditional flower arrangement is China's national intangible cultural heritage, with high ornamental, artistic and social values.  This event aims at inheriting and promoting Chinese traditional culture and learning and upgrading horticultural professional skills through the production of traditional flower arrangement.  At the same time, through cooperation with International Department, the exchange and interaction between Chinese and international students will be enhanced, the traditional culture of our country will be spread, and the new functions of cultural inheritance and international exchange will be realized.

(Translator: Qian Kun)




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