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The Foreign Expert and Student Attended Awarding Ceremony Organized by the National Foreign Expert Bureau in Peking University
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 On May 13th , our foreign expert , Katalin Burgess and student Liu Zelin of Civil International Class 1 went to Peking University to attend Awarding Ceremony for  “2016 ‘Maple Leaf Cup My Foreign Teacher and I Photo and essay Contest‘ & International Talents Road Forum”. At the ceremony, they were awarded the “Prize of Excellence” by the National Foreign Expert Bureau respectively for “How I View China as a Foreigner ”national photo contest and “My Foreign Teacher and I” national essay contest.

 In the morning, the ceremony began with awarding 10 outstanding experts of 2016. Then Chemistry Nobel Laureate, Sir J. Fraser Stoddard gave a speech. After that, all the outstanding experts were interviewed live, about their working experience in China.

In the afternoon, some foreign experts and representatives of Chinese universities made speeches on “International Talents Road”, shared way to introduce excellent foreign experts to China and how to make international cooperation.

 The ceremony and forum are not only a good channel to expand influence of our college but a good platform for us to learn from nationwide colleges and universities.

The ceremony and the forum were held by the National Foreign Experts Bureau. More then 40 domestic colleges and universities, 50 foreign experts and 50 students attended the ceremony.


Ms Katalin Burgess accepting certificate


Liu Zelin accepting certificate


Ms Katalin Burgess and Liu Zelin


Katalin Burgess and 2016 Chemistry Nobel Laureate, Sir J. Fraser Stoddard



(Translator: Qian Kun) 

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