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Technical Officials from “One Belt One Road” Developing Countries Trained in Yangling Vocational and Technical College
05-24 Du Bin    (点击: )

On May 22nd,  President , Prof. Wang Zhousuo met 53 seminar participants of the “Training Course on Integrated Technology of Dairy and Beef Cattle Production for Developing Countries in 2017” and  the “Training Course on Efficient Breeding of Sheep and Goats for Developing Countries in 2017” at the college.

At the meeting, the President gave a brief introduction of the college and welcomed all technical officials of the seminar to come to the college for technical training. He hoped what the participants learned at the college would facilitate the technology development in the developing countries. 

Later on all technical officials visited our college History Exhibition Hall, food and dairy processing training centers. After that, they took the practical training course in the viral diseases detestation comprehensive training lab at the Animal Engineering Department on west campus. 

Those two programs started on the day and will last for 21 days. According to the training scheme, another two seminars of infrastructure construction for the developing country technical officials will be held at the college in the coming month.






(Translator: Qian Kun)  


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