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Our college and the Netherlands Lentiz Education Group carry out the training of modern agricultural technology
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Recently, our college and the Netherlands Lentiz Education Group carried out the second round and second training of "Modern Agricultural Technology Course Cooperation" in the Smart Classroom of West Campus. The training lasted for 5 days from October 12th to 16th. Fifteen full-time teachers from the Bioengineering Department and related teachers from International School attended the training.

This round of training involves 12 courses, which are divided into three periods and three modules, and conducted online. During the training period, Dutch experts showed and explained the development and practical application of modern agricultural technology in the Netherlands from farm management (taking potato planting as an example), fruit tree production (taking apples and pears as an example), seedling grafting of fruit trees and main soilless culture systems. On the basis of fully summarizing the previous training experience, Lentiz Education Group added interactive links such as live Q&A and enterprise experience sharing in this training. Van der Knaap and Wim van der Ende, regional managers of a Holland corporation, Forteco (Shanghai) Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., gave a detailed introduction and answered questions for the participating teachers with the theme of coconut chaff substrate planting and technical services. Teachers participating in the training are enthusiastic in learning and discussion and submitted high quality homework.

This training broadens teachers' international vision and provides a new method for our college to promote the internationalization process and promote the internationalization of relevant curriculum standards and curriculum contents in the high-level construction project of agricultural biotechnology specialty group.

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