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  l National High-Quality Higher Vocational College

  l First of Shaanxi Province/One of the first 28 State Demonstration Higher Vocational Colleges




Yangling Vocational and Technical College


  Yangling Vocational and Technical College was recognized as one of the vocational and technical colleges by the Ministry of Education in September 1999. In 2001, the college was selected as one of the 31 key vocational colleges nationwide by the Ministry of Education, and awarded as an Outstanding Education Institute by Shaanxi provincial government in 2005 owing to its excellent performance. In December 2006, the college was co-selected by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance as one of the 28 national model vocational colleges among 100 colleges in the first group.

  Located in Chinese Agriculture City named Yangling Agricultural High-tech Industrial Demonstration Zone, the college covers an area of 108.7 hectares and possesses fixed assets worth 700 million Yuan(RMB), in which 210 million Yuan (RMB) is teaching and research facilities, including 188 on-campus modern productive Lab & Training Centers and practical bases; 163 off-campus practice bases and 11 model bases of Industry-College-Research collaboration. The library holds a collection of 770,000 volumes of books, 1,300 types of periodicals, 620,000 volumes of e-books, 11,000 GB videos, and electronic journals. All 3 campuses are in full coverage of WIFI.

  The college has more than 20,000 full-time students and 908 faculties, including 70 Professors, 306 Associate Professors, more than 30 visiting Professors, and 275 part-time lecturers. There are 16 academic Departments in the college. 73 higher vocational education courses are offered in this college.

  Currently, the college has 11 research and training bases established in different counties, which have assisted the local industries and solved numerous practical problems in the fieldwork, and offered pragmatic training for the students. The college has won 43 national and provincial teaching and research progress extension awards, 28 municipal awards; developed 8 new breeds of wheat and Chinese pepper, acquiring 12 patents. The college tops among provincial colleges in R&D projects, progress and funds.

  About the International Cooperation, the college has collaborated with 7 foreign universities and colleges. 200 teachers have received training abroad. The college recently launched a Master's Program with Lincoln University, New Zealand to provide students a chance to get a master's degree abroad. The college has a cooperating relationship with dozens of countries, including the USA, Great Britain, Germany, Belgium, and Japan. Training classes are held regularly to introduce the German Dual System, Australian TAFE, and British vocational education system. To seize the opportunity of the One Belt One Road national plan, the college provides technical training for developing countries along the Silk Road.

  The graduate employment rate has maintained over 96% in 3 consecutive years and tops among nationwide colleges as well. Consequently, the college was awarded the“excellent graduates career guidance” title by the Ministry of Education in 2009.

  The college is proud to be the founder of Yangling Modern Agricultural Vocational Education Group in 2010. The Group has 79 member units, 5 working committees of School-Enterprise Cooperation, 15 industry-school-research collaboration branch committees. It aims to explore the cooperation among educational institutes, industry and corporations to better integrate the professional requirements, curriculum design, and students cultivation.