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The Third Congress of Faculty and Labor Union Members Held in the College
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 On January 18, the 3rd Congress of Faculty and Labor Union Members was held in the Sibian Hall.

 On behalf of the college, President Wang Zhousuo made a Work Report entitled " United, Strive for Success, Strive for All-round Promotion of the Construction of First-rate College".  The report reviews the work of the college in 2018 from eight aspects.

1. strengthening the leadership of the party in an all-round way and ensuring the development of the college career;

2. “Diagnosis and Improvement” inspection promote the work in an all-round way;

3. the policy of the “talent breeding” remains unchanged and the educational and teaching reform will continue to deepen;

4. the top-notch talents and personnel management system are improving day by day; the faculty team building has reached a new level;

5. Focusing on both morality and technology, students achieve practical results in the all-round way;

6. the vitality of scientific research and social services has been further stimulated. Remarkable results have been achieved in boosting rural revitalization and poverty alleviation;

7. the first class of international students were enrolled as scheduled, making new breakthroughs in international cooperation and exchange;

8. by strengthening the management and services, the living and learning conditions of teachers and students are effectively guaranteed.

 The report pointed out that in 2019 the college should focus on promoting eight areas.

1. improve work style, teaching style and study style; 

2. continuously improve personnel training system and specialty development system, and continuously deepen the reform of education and teaching;

3. Improve the incentive mechanism to strengthen inner motivation; optimizing top talent and personnel management system;

4. adherent to the strategy of strengthening students morality and skills education, and over-all development.

5. fully release the scientific and technological advantages of college talents and continuously improve teachers' scientific research and social service capabilities by serving the revitalization of villages and helping to overcome poverty;

6. making a breakthrough in improving international influence and continue to expand new ways of international cooperation and service;

7. continuously push forward the construction of internal quality assurance system and establish a normalized diagnosis improvement mechanism supported by information platform;

8. implement " decentralization, management and service" reform; propel Refined Management to improve the over-all level of management services.


(Translator: Qian Kun)



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