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Department Of Transportation And Surveying Signed School-Enterprise Cooperation Agreements With Four Enterprises
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 On the afternoon of November 1, Department Of Transportation And Surveying signed an agreement with China Railway Bureau No 1 Engineering Co., Ltd for school-enterprise cooperation. Members of the leadership team of the Department and relevant personnel of the human resources department of the enterprise attended the signing ceremony. Some student representatives presented the ceremony.

 At the signing ceremony, the director of the department introduced the situation of the department and said that the signing of this agreement is another important cooperation between our college and the 12th Bureau Of China Railway, hoping that the college and enterprise will play a positive role in promoting personnel training and alleviating employment conflicts.

 Qin Feng, vice minister of human resources of China Railway 12th Bureau First Engineering Co., Ltd., said that this cooperation is in line with the needs of the development of college and enterprises, and both sides should actively carry out order cultivation to achieve win-win results through resource sharing and complementary advantages.  The enterprise also promised to attach great importance to the introduction and training of talents and to provide convenient conditions for students' internship and employment.

 Subsequently, Zhang Yang’an, president of the department, signed a cooperation agreement with China Railway 12th Bureau No 1 Engineering Co., Ltd on behalf of the college.

Recently, the department signed college-enterprise cooperation agreements with China Railway Xi' An Bureau Group Co., Ltd Baoji Depot, Xi' An Integrity Surveying And Mapping Digital Engineering Co., Ltd and Shaanxi Zhuomei Engineering Quality Inspection Co., Ltd.

(Translator: Qian Kun)






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